Recycled Gold & Silver


Recycled Metals

Our designs are made from 100% recycled metals. All precious metals are sourced from responsible Jewellery Council certified suppliers. We're committed to ensuring our metals are responsibly sourced and our suppliers and factories audited.

Recycled Gold Vermeil

Our gold vermeil pieces have a minimum of 2.5 microns 18k gold layered onto sterling silver. This is 5x thicker than average gold plating and more durable.  All of our gold and silver designs are made from 100% recycled metals, significantly reducing emissions without sacrificing on quality.


Recycled Sterling Silver

All of our silver designs are 100% recycled, significantly reducing emissions without sacrificing quality.



Every piece of Coup De Coeur jewellery is covered by our two year warranty. Should your jewellery suffer a breakage or tarnishing due to a manufacturing defect, we are committed to ensuring that your piece is restored or replaced at no extra cost to yourself.

Restoration Service

We design pieces intended to be worn daily and treasured according to slow fashion principles and carried with our customers throughout their journeys and adventures. If in time they would like to alter their pieces or something becomes tarnished, we work with the customer to restore their piece or adjust it to how they desire so that it can grow with them on their journey.