Sustainable and Ethical Practice

Our SustainabilityPRACTICES

Responsibility & Ethics

Sustainability is at the heart of Coup De Coeur. We believe the key to being sustainable is taking care of the things we own, along with supporting local trade, prioritising environmental care and being fair and kind to others. We ensure this is achieved across the channels below.


All Coup de Coeur jewellery pieces are cast in recycled bronze before being plated in gold, or made in solid Sterling Silver from recycled metals. All precious metals are sourced from responsible Jewellery Council certified suppliers.

Ethical Trade

At Coup De Coeur we take an extremely conscious approach to the suppliers and people we work with. We are committed to treating people, communities and the environment as they should be treated: respectfully, sustainably and ethically.

All of our factories are audited every one to three years by the independent international auditing body, including Intertek, across the following areas of social responsibility:

  • Wages and working hours
  • Health and safety
  • Management systems
  • Employee rights

Restoration Service

We design pieces intended to be worn daily and treasured according to slow fashion principles to be carried with our customers throughout their journeys and adventures. If in time they would like to alter their pieces or something becomes tarnished, we work with the customer to restore their piece or adjust it to how they desire so that it can grow with them on their journey.

Waving Goodbye To Single Use Plastic In 2021

We have committed to only using 100% recycled, recyclable or compostable plastic and to removing single-use plastic wherever possible in 2021.


Much like our jewellery, our packaging is designed to last a lifetime, a safe place for our customers to store their Coup De Coeur pieces and take them on their adventures. Our packaging is made from a mix of recycled and waste paper that is 100% Recyclable. Any boxes that are damaged or returned, are used in other aspects of the business. We have recently moved to paperless dispatch (removing dispatch notes and returns labels) and have also removed plastic outer sleeves from our courier bags.